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On the 7th and 8th June, the Citadel team set off to walk the Ackling Dyke Roman Road.  We had a fantastic couple of days! The weather was kind to us and, apart from a few blips along the way where the road/trail appeared to have vanished into thin air and a little improvising was required, all went to plan – thanks to Tim Hurst @ Investec for planning the route and logistics for the trip 😊

The walk had its challenges…

We hadn’t envisaged facing the very tall and long tunnels of stinging nettles full of horse flies, crossing a racecourse (very quickly) or walking alongside a busy golf course with the shouts of “4” encouraging us to pick up the pace a little!

There was also a short stretch on a main road (rather scary) and a stray shot from a local farmer which was obviously not meant for us…

There was unfortunately a distinct lack of watering holes along the way (very bad planning 🤣) meaning we had to rely on sharing our backpack rations of trail bars, fruit pastilles and water to keep us going!

The scenery however was beautiful and the team made it to Old Sarum in one piece on schedule on Saturday (albeit a little tired and stiff).

We have so far raised £2,037.50 including gift aid and we would like to thank you all for your amazing support!  If you haven’t donated and would like to, there’s still time, just follow the link to the Just Giving Page Matthew Paveley is fundraising for Devon Freewheelers (justgiving.com) 😊 We know Devon Freewheelers will be very grateful for all your donations and we’re looking forward to meeting with Russell and Vikki to present them with a cheque!